Instructor: Will Prescott                   Required Safety Attire: Safety Vest


​Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Purpose of Locating
  • Types of Equipment (attendees  are encouraged
    ​to bring their own locating equipment)
  • Equipment Maintenance: Basic Care
  • Basic Locating Principles


                   Energizing Facilities

                           Metal to metal (Conduction)
                           Non-metal to metal (Induction)
                           Alternating current produces an electromagnetic field
                                     I. Frequency determines the number of times the current alternates
                                     II. This energy wants to leave the facility equally in all directions
                                     III. This energy will always follow the path of least resistance
                           Two ways to receive transmitters energy
                           Influencing current
                                     I.Far end ground
                            Round signal vs non-round
                            Creating a round signal
                                     I.Change frequencies
                                     II. Change grounding point
                                     III. Change hook up point
                                     IV.Conduction Vs Induction
                            Validation of Round Signal
                                     Peak & null agree
                                     Depth calculation
                                     Logical termination point
                                     Peak Method
                                     Null Method
                            Answer these questions
                                     Do I have a signal ?
                                     Am I locating target facility?
                                     How accurate am I?
                            Field Demonstration

Day 2

​           Review of Day 1 material
           Hands on field training

Locator Training
​October 1st thru the 2nd, 2019


​Only 25 seats are available.

Will Prescott will be serving as the instructor for the Locator Training Class.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the locating industry.  He began as a contract locator for Greenville Utilities in 1997 and became a full time employee with Greenville Utilities in 2001.  He was promoted to his current position of Chief Utility Locator in 2015.  He holds the following certifications:

Certified by Staking University in Locating Competency.

Certified by Staking University as a trainer.

Certified by Sensors & Software in Utility locating using GPR technology.

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